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Why 81% of Your Contacts Ignore You (and what to do about it)

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Learn how to create powerfully persuasive email messages that get opened, read and acted upon.

Did you know that according to  a recent study by IBM's Silverpop division that only 18.9% of emails in the U.S. actually get opened and read?

Here are some quick tips taken from my Bonus training video "Copywriting Tips, Tricks and Strategies of the Pros" that will make your emails stand out from the crowd and get more of your readers waiting with anticipation for your next message!

Use strong subject lines - Subject lines that jump off the screen and stand out from all the clutter in your email inbox are essential in getting your message noticed.  Studies show that short subject lines actually get opened more than longer ones. Also, asking questions, using numbers, promising to deliver missing information (aka the Zeigarnik Effect) are also devices that will get your messages noticed above all others.

Answer questions in your readers' minds - How well do you know your audience? Hopefully you know them well enough that you have a good idea of their "inner dialog". Show them that you understand them by promising to answer the questions that are going through their mind right now. This is a powerful bonding tool that will draw your readers closer to you because they will realize that you understand them and are, in fact, "just like them".

Keep your messages short and sweet - Enough said.

Always Include “Calls to Action” - Of course, getting your email opened is the first challenge. After that, you need to get your readers to take action.  Click links, watch videos, download reports, etc. This is important conditioning for them because every action they take will be rewarded with something of value. In addition, by tracking these responses you will gain significant intelligence to better segment your contacts and identify those that "Ready, Willing and Able" (RWA) to do business with you.

Set “Expectations” and Create “Anticipation” - Don't you love "Cliffhangers" on TV. Those are the shows that bring you right up to the climax and then flash "To Be Continued" on the screen. Many of those shows have great success bringing viewers back week after week. (Now you know that part of the reason is the Zeigarnik Effect!).  Learn to write your emails in a "series".  Close your emails with a promise to deliver more information in the near future so that your readers anxiously await and look forward to seeing your name in their email box.  I'll even show you how to do this in my training video "Copywriting Tips, Tricks and Strategies of the Pros".  Plus I'll give you a "Professional Copywriting Formula" that you can use as a template for every email you write.

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